A Passion for Travel, People and Life.

About The CIDALI Family

Our Vision

To be the Ultimate Travel & Leisure Management solution provider to our partners

Our Mission

To provide unique Quality Travel and Leisure experiences for organizations and individuals resulting to their satisfaction, evidenced by repeat business as well as favorable word of mouth comments.

Our Values

Professionalism, Integrity, Quality customer service, Confidence and Diversity

Who we are

CIDALI international Travel & Leisure Management Ltd was formed in 2019 and incorporated in July 2020. Our Top Management team has over two decades of Travel industry experience. Each member of the senior management dedicates as much time as necessary to ensure that our clients are satisfied and successful business continuity. The backbone of our Quality service has been our knowledgeable, well-traveled and trained team of consultants. All with several years of working experience driven by Our Motto of “Service beyond expectations”.
We are focused on working exclusively with Organizations & Individual clients. Our goal is to identify, understand and offer customized and highly professional personalized service to our clients. Our brand signifying quality and reliability, a benchmark for people wishing to enjoy full freedom as they travel as well as able to receive round the clock discreet assistance. Operating commendably in the medium-high end of the market, we have won the trust of an exclusive and highly demanding customer base. We Deliver the most competitive prices on all Organizations Travel & leisure travel from Airfares to accommodation, Ground transport, Leisure services, Conferencing and Vender negotiations.
We champion the rights and interests of children with Special needs (Cerebral palsy, Autism among others), hence we have dedicated 10% of our net income to supporting these initiatives.

What sets CIDALI Travel & Leisure Management Ltd apart?

As a market Expert, the volume of travel options our people have access to - through our strategic partnerships and the unique way in which we use the product – sets us apart.
It’s our superior understanding of strategic travel booking and buying that ensures that your business maximises savings through the effective use of all fare types, car hire rates, last minute hotel rates, client-specific negotiated rates and flexible accommodation rates. The ability of our Travel Consultant to provide the right rates and fares for each Business & Leisure trip is crucial to the longer-term success of each organizations travel program and securing the best deals for Them.
Our team is empowered to become an extension of your enterprise and focus on delivering actionable solutions wherever you operate.
We also believe in taking the time to fully understand each organization business – hence we further customise solutions that match the organizations priorities and goals.

Dividends for Our Clients

The investment in understanding pays dividends to all our clients and you’ll find that the essential relationships we build with organizations magnify the success of every area of their Travel Program: from achieving maximum savings, to accessing market-leading travel technology and solving global compliance.

Sally Mbai,


When it comes to travel, there are few industry professionals more seasoned than Sally Mbai. While she’s been deeply immersed in the industry since 1989. Her passion for air travel was set in stone over 30 years ago when she joined British Airways, she learned the zero sum aspect of getting things right, the first time. She has worked in Travel and GDS’s in various capacities for more than 30 years, and held numerous executive positions with leading Airlines British Airways, Alitalia, El-Al Israel Airlines & Kenya Airways Among others, Travel Management companies & GDS’s and is certified in virtually every key system in the industry, including IATA, AMADEUS, SABRE, GALILEO and more, hence has capacity to tackle most any challenge with enthusiasm and accuracy. She possesses a deep understanding of virtually every aspect of these industries, for both corporate and leisure Travel Management, driven by Our Motto “Service beyond expectations”.

“I truly believe there are fewer experiences in life more rewarding than travel. Each trip represents a new opportunity to discover, learn and explore. The only thing better than enjoying a destination personally is helping someone else uncover their next great adventure.” Sally Mbai

Tony Mbai,


Tony Mbai has been traveling for as long as he can remember and has passion for history and exotic locations, he joined CIDALI International, for one simple reason; he understands his clients deserve a better experience. His capacity to tackle practically every challenge with passion and accuracy is exactly why Tony is regarded as one of the company’s most valued assets. After his extensive medical training and enjoying a robust career in Medical working at the Ministry of Health, Kenyatta National Hospital Dept. of Pathology, M.P. Shah Hospital, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital and with Pharmaceutical powerhouses Bayer, Smith Kline Beecham (GSK) and Bristol Myers Squibb among others covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda, Tony recognized a need to deliver professional and seamless service to our clients and adopted a Motto of “Service beyond expectations” . His persistent attention to even the smallest Medical detail saw the setup of CIDALI Caares, which has committed to providing an easy link-up with affordable, private medical care centers under the supervision of highly qualified doctors, using the latest technologies in collaboration with the tourism industry for global patients, needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatments. Tony’s extensive background, combined with relationships spanning nearly every facet of business, are the primary reasons why the company is thriving today.

“As an industry, a means of transportation, or as a personal pastime, travel touches nearly every aspect of our lives. We travel to get where we need to go or to simply feel alive. There are few industries as ubiquitous, or that require as much precision to operate safely. I can’t imagine immersing myself, professionally, in any other line of business” Tony Mbai

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We create unforgettable, luxury incentive programs that will drive you to reach your goals. Each tailor-made package is designed to fit your culture and budget. And, will leave your team excited and motivated to achieve more.  Each program includes amenities, site selection, travel, logistics, management, and staffing.
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CIDALI international Travel & Leisure Management Ltd teams brings years of corporate travel experience. No matter what your event requires — Airline programs, Hotel programs, transportation or Custom online booking — we can design a Corporate Travel Package that delivers high-touch service and takes the stress out of travel for your Organization.
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No matter where in the world you want to go, we can help you get there. Our experienced consultants will take time to answer your questions and listen to your ideas, before making expert recommendations that fit your budget. We believe extraordinary vacations begin with careful planning, that's why we are devoted to ensuring our clients always have the best possible experience—both before they leave and while they're away.
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